The Moroccan Palace and you …

Le Palais et vous...


The moroccan palace and you…

Ancient military bastion, the Palais des Sables has become a beautiful family home, surrounded by a clay wall as is traditional. In a typically moroccan city, where Berbers and Arabs live in perfect harmony, you will appreciate the kindness, courtesy and helpfulness of its people.

This XIX century building provides you with comfort and authenticity. Its decoration, a mix of many traditions will honor you. You can feel the harmony between the different cultures. Many gardens to enjoy.

For a stay without contraint, three persons at your service : a warden, that can help you day and night, that will light fire in the chimney, a cook that will be thrilled to make you discover all the tastes of moroccan cuisine and a maid that will make sure the house is perfect at any time.

Around the pond, life is organized in a succession of rooms, small halls, parlours and smoking rooms. Upstairs, the towers are equipped suites, each with their own private terrace to a meditation at a time when the sun blazing through the walls of the city.

The numerous dining rooms are punctuated by the sun’s path. Breakfast is served in the eastern tower to enjoy and dance morning storks and the first rays of sun on the large snowy Atlas.

Relax in calm
To read quietly, choose one of many potential of the home. Sit on the edge of the basin in a boudoir on the ground floor or climb upstairs to the freshness of the Berber tent. Unless you choose a private terraces to watch the burning of the wall at sunset. You can also relax in the shady African living room, sipping tea in front of the pool.

The small adjoining rooms offer the opportunity to isolate or inform yourself in the tv room. If you need to stay connected, many Internet cafés are close to home.

At nightfall, install light sets that allow stars to be infinitly reflected into the basin.

Le palais et vous

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Sharing meals
The flavours of the east stand out of a thousand spices decorating the kitchen. You will discover the cuisine and its delicious gargantuan breakfasts.

Lunch, depending on heat, will be held around the pool in the cool African lounge beaten by the breeze. Or perhaps you will prefer the shade of many olive trees in the garden and the walls that surround the property. They blend so well in the house that we imagine to defend one of the many strongholds of the rebel princes coveted by the tribes of the south.

It is at tea time, at the sound of the prayer call, that one can realize the importance that Taroudant held in Morocco’s history through the ages. At the gates of the desert, from the Middle Ages the destination of all great travelers, indispensable step for seraglios caravans, linking the Sahara to the port of Agadir.

The apostles room hosts dinner of the freshness of the night around its fireplace.

Whether you name it Taroudant ou Taroudannt, this small town in southern Morocco at the foot of the Great Atlas can be explored stealthily; Nestled deep in the ancestral walls that surround the city, the Palais des Sables, is a comfortable and warm Riad with a great view over the breathtaking Atlas.

A luxurious mansion with the finest materials in the tradition of zellige, tadelak and mud fortresses Berber. Adorned with a beautiful garden of a thousand scents, you will luxuriate at the foot of trees or in the shade of bougainvillea with brilliant colours, its pool shimmering emerald is heated during cool nights.

The 6 rooms overlook the garden have private terraces. The house staff consists of a cook, a maid, a gardener and pool cleaner. A child custody, a paediatric nurse and masseuse are available by reservation. The house has four fireplaces, five televisions and DVD players and a connection to satellite television, and Hi-Fi.