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TaroudantTaroudant discovered by carriage, bicycle but only foot.
The time of sunset is ideal for walking in the souks of the city.

We recommend you start with the place commonly called Oranges up Tameklat,
Berber souk is rich in spices and thrift when the Arab souk specializes in local crafts, sewing and carpets.

Take the time to get lost in the maze of alleys, share a tea with merchants, visit the synagogue turned into antiques, smell the spices ….

Then join the Assarag place for a drink Berber, this square is bustling a’the dark, it is not uncommon to encounter a snake charmer or a seller of ostrich eggs.

For children, chameleons Buy a herbalist from the entrance side up Assarag Arab souks, it is located under the arch after musical instruments and potters and release them in the trees in the garden of the Palais des Sables.

Some price indications to help you make your purchases, prices are very approximate: A pair of slipper 70 dh A djellaba 80/120 90 dh dh Bol small medium large 100dh 150 dh 70 small medium large 130 Plate 100 dh dh dish tajine small 15 dh dh means 20 large 30 100 dh dh Chicha small medium large 250 150 dh dh dh 45 ashtray small medium large 70 150 dh cumin Spices, circulated, ginger 20DH gram, saffron dh 300 gram musk and jasmine incense, 1 dh gram, amber dh 2 gram.

On Sunday do not miss the great souk vegetables, fruits, animals from all over the Soussmassa and down mountains, take nothing self, the little thieves are very clever.

Discovering the Jewish cemetery, attend the Sunday evening 18 h30 at the Church of Taroudant, the garden is beautiful and the priest is a wonderful preacher.

al hossounLunch at Al Hossoun, join this beautiful garden by bicycle or horse-drawn carriage, savor the bold cuisine and drink in their beautiful swimming pool. Absolutely wonderful!

For a half day excursion with children
Just 35 kilometers from Taroudant crossing the argan tree plantations is of the millennium palm Tiout, you can organize a picnic or a snack with our team, a Moroccan salad menu, chicken skewers or keftas, boiled eggs and fruit seasons, mint tea and biscuits.

The young and old can visit the palm donkey while our team prepares lunch in the Berber tent in the heart of the palm grove, after an afternoon dh 300 large taxi for 4 and 50 dh by mule for hour ride.

For a day trip,
la palmeraie de Tiout MountainsIn side about an hour’s drive towards sublime Ryad then Tamaloukt, cottage 0662897322 Mantaga outdoor restaurant in a magical setting with Mustapha Tamaloukt 

Take the road to go to lunch terrace Affensou Luke Tromme bathe in the waterfalls and down the mountain.

Ocean side

Oasis des Tortues sur la route du Ksar Massa
Take the road Biougra then join the natural reserve of Massa Park, lunch at Ksar Massa 0661280319, discovery of troglodyte village of fishermen and nature reserve you can stay in Spa hotel, nice and comfortable around a cactus garden , Berber tent for the purists.


Lunch at the Sofitel Agadir beach practicing surfing and kite surfing Kilometer 14 of Agadir on the road Essaouira Kite surfing and surfing 0662419187